Specializing in the sale of new and existing homes in the most desirable neighborhoods of eastern Cincinnati -- including Anderson Township, Hyde Park, Madeira, Terrace Park, Milford Township, Loveland, Pierce Township, and New Richmond.

Well-connected and actively involved around the city, Emily is a boy mom of 2 and runs a small homestead on her 7 acres in Pierce Township. She is an alumni of the University of Cincinnati school of design and college of business. Before becoming a Realtor™ she founded a houseplant and floral design company.

Living a sustainable lifestyle has sparked passion in the fields of historical restorations and keeping carbon footprints low by using recycled building materials and green certified fixtures and appliances in homes. Designing and remodeling homes to overturn up and coming areas of the city has Emily's creative mind flowing with each trip to a new property or journey down a new street. This often results in eclectic projects with astounding results.

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